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2015 Sep 02

installing GIS

It was year 2012-2013 I got my hand on 3D-model data of University, and the idea popped up.. Why not we play *games* on it?, NFS, CS... only problem was map was in GIS. Looking back now games I wrote till date only runs on terminal, is definitely a good start, but when I'm done it would be awesome.

2015 Aug 31

what's wrong with your keyboard?

When people use my computer for first-time, they all ask the same question.

what's wrong with your keyboard?


2015 Aug 19

pyspark: i need a notebook

After the wave of hadoop, Big Data world was set on wild fire by apache-spark. Spark was not only fast but also had interface for scala and python. The python api, was only the reason I dived into, Since I can avoid java, or so I thought... . I was told to use the vagrant for using spark, but I wasn't the one to do that.


2015 Aug 17

let's blog again

After learning about gh-pages, from github, I came to learn about static web-page generator. This is the story of procrastination, where I decided to create a site. Strangely my first blog, published 7 months late, explain how all started after all.