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Polarity and Strength of
Opinion in
Newspaper Editorials
2013 March 24
  Presenter    Rohit Man Amatya
  Supervisor  Bal Krishna Bal

Unlike the traditional data-mining!
Extracting subjective information from source materials is the challenging task!

this known the Opinion Mining
This can be really useful in
  • knowing what other thinks
  • Summarizing Content
  • market analysis
  • Challenges in Opinion Detection
  • comparison
  • opinion holder
  • detection of the target
  • negation handling
  • change over time
  • Current Design

    * Hu and Liu, KDD-2004
    ** Riloff and Wiebe, 2003
    Editorials extracted over 2007-2012
    Annotation Tool

    Future Plan

    Future Plans...
  • Popular Event analysis
  • Political figures
  • Visualization
  • Opinion Time-line
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